Sunday, August 26, 2018

Immortal Combat

Exodus 14:5 by Dr. Herb Rhedrick, Senior Pastor
Series:Between a Rock and a Hard Place

These principles are most effective for followers of Jesus, who are in God’s will. Rule #1: You are where God wants you to be, so give Him glory. I. Pharaoh reconsiders his decision to release the Israelites. LIFE ADVICE: There is a difference between being convinced and converted. II. Pharaoh recruits an army to pursue the Israelites. LIFE ADVICE: The Enemy may pursue us, but God has a plan to protect us. III. The Israelites’ responses to Pharaoh and his army’s pursuit. LIFE ADVICE: Our fears often arise when we see our Enemy in our current dilemma. BOTTOM LINE: Acknowledge your Enemy but keep your eyes on the Lord. Next week, focus more on the Lord rather than your Enemy when you cannot see a way out.
Duration:34 mins 59 secs