In the month of October, First Missionary Baptist Church is celebrating her 138th anniversary!  This sermon series will explore how FMBC has remained "Rooted; rooted in God's word, rooted in mission & ministry, and rooted in the surrounding community!"

Summer of Sharing

During FMBC's "Summer of Sharing," some of our Associate ministers will be sharing the word of God each week.  We'll also be focusing on ways that you can share with others.

Worth Finding

Many of us are searching for many things in life. Some of us are searching for a life free of chaos and confusion. Some of us are searching for a life of leisure and pleasure. Some of us are searching for plenty and prosperity.

But, did you also know someone is searching for you? One, to give you life and life abundantly and the other, to destroy you TOTALLY. Join us in this new series of "Worth Finding." We will learn who and what in life is worth finding.

This Changes Everything

Considering everything that society is currently faced with—fears over a global viral pandemic, frustrations from the government-mandated shelter in place orders—the “game” of life has completely changed. Our new series, “This Changes Everything," is designed to help us navigate through these current times in the way that God intended. Since the game has changed, it’s time to change the way we play!

Seeing Generosity Through Cross Eyes

Join us as we take an in-depth look at how the world views generosity, how God views generosity, and ultimately, how we, as believers, should view generosity.