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Welcome to First Missionary Baptist Church

We are excited to meet you! Below is some information to help you get a better idea about what to expect when you visit. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Service Types

Our 9:30 am service is our more contemporary worship service. The music is more upbeat, and the overall atmosphere is more conducive to younger audiences. Our 11:15 am service is more traditional. The music is less contemporary and reflects more traditional church music. Our 10:00 am Summer service is a blended, family-style worship experience. Youth and adults worship together. The Summer schedule generally runs from mid-June to mid-August.


We offer nursery care for all little ones who are not yet school-aged. The Nursery classes include "Walkers & Runners" -- ages 24 months through 4 years old (as well as 5 year-olds who have not yet attended kindergarten); and "Cribbers & Crawlers" -- ages 3 months through 24 months. After your child is checked in, they will be taken care of and looked after by our Noah's Ark Nursery team (who have all undergone background checks).


During the 9:30 am and 11:15 am worship services, we offer a youth worship experience. This fun, loud, and awesome opportunity is for kids and teens in grades K-12. After check-in, the youth have a unique praise & worship experience followed by break out sections where they discuss the same topics presented in adult worship, but on a level that applies to them.

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The Hub

Our Hub is the home to our "Know-it-all" team. If you have any questions during your time at FMBC these are the people to ask. They can help with giving, event sign-up, church merch, and much more. Feel free to stop by if you are unsure about anything.

Next Step Gathering

Our Next Step Gathering is our chance to meet you and thank you for joining us! Following each service, find a next step team member and they will take you to a quick 5-minute session so that we can get acquainted and you can get your FREE gift.

Growth Groups

Growth Groups are small group bible study opportunities, where we take a deeper dive into the material preached during Sunday worship services. We offer Growth Groups on Sunday mornings, and in the afternoon & evening on Wednesdays.

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