1. Create safe places for our youth to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
  2. Establish opportunities where the disadvantaged and underserved can get assistance.
  3. Develop environments for young people and their families to find their true meaning and purpose in life in Jesus Christ.

One of the methods to meet these objectives includes developing multifunctional spaces on campus that allow all people groups to engage in meaningful activities that will allow us to continue to be effective in carrying out our mission and vision.


how you can join the journey

Name The New Building

Our previous multi-purpose building, named "The Den," will be torn down to make way for our brand new building.  We're asking our members and friends of FMBC to submit names for the new building.  Just click the button below to submit your suggestion.

Name the Building

Make A Pledge

If you believe God is calling us to connect all people to Christ and His community so that we can see souls radically changed by Christ for Christ, then consider making a financial pledge today!

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