Current Series

All In The Family

"All in the Family" is a family worship series focused on how we can come closer as a community of believers in fellowship.

Fake News

Many of us are introduced to certain misconceptions in life that, at first, seem harmless. These misconceptions are actually bits of Fake News that get embedded into our lives through family beliefs, community traditions, media and more. Some may seem as innocent as the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny, and a jolly old man who brings us toys at Christmas. Others negatively influence our entire belief system. Discover what’s really true and what’s just Fake News.

What The World Needs Now

"What The World Needs Now" is prayer and the namesake series will guide us through the ins and outs of prayer centered through the Lord's Prayer.

Let's Get Radical!

This series takes an in-depth look at the core values of First Missionary Baptist Church.

Summer of Sharing

During FMBC's "Summer of Sharing," some of our Associate ministers will be sharing the word of God each week.  We'll also be focusing on ways that you can share with others.

Worth Finding

Many of us are searching for many things in life. Some of us are searching for a life free of chaos and confusion. Some of us are searching for a life of leisure and pleasure. Some of us are searching for plenty and prosperity.

But, did you also know someone is searching for you? One, to give you life and life abundantly and the other, to destroy you TOTALLY. Join us in this new series of "Worth Finding." We will learn who and what in life is worth finding.

This Changes Everything

Considering everything that society is currently faced with—fears over a global viral pandemic, frustrations from the government-mandated shelter in place orders—the “game” of life has completely changed. Our new series, “This Changes Everything," is designed to help us navigate through these current times in the way that God intended. Since the game has changed, it’s time to change the way we play!