Youth Ministry at FMBC

Welcome to FMBC-Concord’s Youth Ministry webpage. We’re so excited that you’re here and pray that you find exactly what you’re looking for and can connect with FMBC’s youth as God sees fit. At FMBC, we aspire to offer students both a high-tech and high-touch experience where they can connect with Jesus Christ and His community.

Our mission is to connect all students to Christ and His community.

Our vision is to see young souls radically changed for Christ by Christ locally and globally.

In the FMBC Youth Ministry, we value making everyone feel welcome (Radical Hospitality), building Christlike relationships (Sincere Relationships), showing respect (Mutual Respect), and engaging a diverse and changing world with the message of Jesus (Cultural Relevance).

What's Poppin'?

"Fred Talks"

How To Be Down

There are some things we have the desire to do at FMBC but we couldn't do them until you arrived.  So now that you’re here, here are a few ways that you can "be down" (serve) with us.

Noah's Ark

Utilizing a secure check-in system, we offer a safe, child-friendly environment where any parent will feel comfortable and confident leaving their little ones while they worship. We provide light snacks, arts & crafts, story time, music and guided play for children. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old and must undergo a national criminal background check before serving in this ministry.  For more information about the Nursery Ministry and how you may join or serve this ministry, email  .


Youth in Christ who are using their gifts and talents to exemplify leadership in the Kingdom.  Roles include, but are not limited to:

  • Youth Ambassadors
  • Greeters
  • Hosts
  • After Praise Party Leaders
  • Security
  • Audio/Visual (A/V) Techs
The "Turn Up"

Sounds like a party, right? Well.... it IS!!!  "The Turn Up" is a party for the Lord! It's FMBC Youth Ministry's weekly praise and worship time.  Often, our youth lend their voices of praise, their talents with musical instruments or current gospel music videos, or they minister in dance.  Regardless of the form of praise...the Turn Up Is Real!*

*Sensory Awareness:  (bright lights, loud music)
We recognize some youth may have a sensitivity to bright flashing lights and loud sounds.  Please advise us if your child needs accommodations.  Thank you.


How to Be Down

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How would you like to be down?

Please tell us anything else that you would like for us to know.